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TakeMail Features
Unique, personalized and easy to remember E-mail address.

Free, very fast Email Service with 100 Mb Storage Space, Professional Support, WAP / IMode Access.

Powerful Anti-spam and Anti-virus system, protecting your mailbox. NEW! Free POP access for all!

Easy convenient ajax-based webmail interface and additional services - Address Book, Notepad and more...
TakeMail is based on Ajax Technology

TakeMail enters the new generation of web applications called Web 2.0

Being based on Ajax, TakeMail became really powerful, reliable, attractive and one of the fastest email services. Forget about page refreshing - it works as a standard window-like application. TakeMail is compatible with all popular browsers.

One of the great implemented features is tabs - allow you to view, compose and send several messages at the same time.

The other one is Incremental Alarming System - you don't need to press 'Check Mail' every time. System will alarm you of incoming messages automatically, keeping your folders information to be updated in a real time!

What you see now - is official release of Ajax-based TakeMail. It has no invitations - the registration is absolutelly free!

22 December, 2005
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